Name Anna Garadova

Deed Name Walks in Rivers

Tribe River Keepers

Auspice Uzmati (Ahroun)

Rank Verden (Fostern)

Breed Homid

Notable Traits

is a 5'3" female in her 20's with snow white hair hangs loosely down her light tanned skin, beautiful sky blue eyes that allure you much like the sea showing her norse heritage (4 app traits)
she wears a black deep v-neck sweater, loose fitting jeans, black leather boots


==Information known to the Nation==

She arrived to the sept a Pure Breed 3 kinfolk to the Get of Fenris she shifted a couple nights after her arrival into the gurahl you now see her P.B. no longer apparent

She is known to have dated the kinfolk named Rand McKenzie but broke things off with him not long after she shifted.

Has been known to have slept with Jimmy and is now pretty close to him perhaps even a mate

Her attitude has recently changed she has grown from being the meek unsure woman into being the more confidant woman who now is showing she is more sure of who she is and what she wants and needs to do.

Kin / family

Cousin to Venatta Benard

She was claimed by Mickey Flannery as his wife she now wears an expensive looking gypsy bracelet on her left wrist. Is often seen with his daughter Madison

recently found out she is pregnant (very pregnant by now)


Rites and Chalenges
Just went through her Uzmati challenge
Just went through her rite of passage becomming a Verden(Cliath)


== Rumors ==
That she slept with Mickey Flannery in a drunken state in the sept hall kitchen there was even talk they would wed while she was seeing Jimmy

== Quotes ==


==OOC Information==

Player : Brandi Cantrall

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