Druid Brian McPherson. Striking Tiger Sleeping Dragon. Child of stag. Follows the the old traditions of the Verbenna.
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Notable Traits

He stands 7'3" on cloven feet. he only wears jeans now. the battle scars visibile with broad shoulders and large muscles. his head a wolfish like with deer antlers as his emerald green eyes shine with a power. the ancient sword rests on his left hip. the celtic armband on is upper left arm, and the pair of celtic gold daggers sheathes at the small of his back.(Fiana 5 Pure Breed.)


==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family

Mate to the Black Fury Korrine Theryon
Rumor to have an identical twin somewhere
has a rather large family that he sometimes talk to.

Rites and Challenges
For those who may know he has taken his test for enlightenment. by Finding a turtle egg with a web design on it which he has and now has bonded with the turtle as a familiar but always refers to her as a friend or Amber unless educating someone about this. Amber is a mid western box turtle with a web design on the back of the shell. She does not speak to anyone right now but give others impressions at this time.

Brian Keeps pretty quiet on the things he does since no garou wishes to hear a kin is doing anything to help. but he did aid the garou during the hive dive. and made healing talen/potions that work but tasted awful. he did what he could to help during the Dive. even managed to try and hit Tzayad but at the last minute Hollowman showed up and foilked Brians attack changing him in the celtic huntsman or for some that know Cernunnos.

== Rumors ==
1> Rumor to be a Verbena or something but isn't that a plant?
2> Has shown he has supernatural talents in healing and speaking with the spirits
3> Drea Spent several Hours with Brian not sure what happened but she was speaking fine when she was seen afterwards.
4> Mage?! Name Breaker?! Kin what the hell is this possible?
5> Is some how related to the incident concerning Connor and Drea. how no one knows but has lost his left hand over the ordeal.
6> Has been seen speaking with some of the spirits on the Bawn. any who known Brian something has changed. he has the look he is about to pick a battle.
7> rumor has it that when Korrine and Brian tie the knot that not only his mother an father adn sibblings may show but and bunch of other Fiana and a few from the emerald courts along with a several bastet.

== Quotes ==
1> it is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.


Heather Alexander - March of Cambreadth

Midaeval Baebes - Pearl & Return of the Birds

Celtic Woman - The Voice

Omnia - Fidhe Ra Huri

Lesiem - Caritas

Sting - Fragile

Omina - Gil Gaya (Warm Is My Heart)

Bond - Fugo

Vanessa Mae - Destiny

Omina - Tine Bealtaine

Maedival Baebes - Summerisle (The Maypole Song)

Omina - Elven Lover

Rome- Forever

Heather Alexander - The Hunt Is On

==OOC Information==

Steve AKA Phoenix-Wraith

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