Camelia Kasia Migra

Player: Jeanne

Aliases: Kasia

Creature Type: Garou

Tribe: Silent Strider

Titles: Camelia Kasia Migra, Seeker of the Dead, Memories in the Wind, Fostern Galliard Child of Owl, born to woman.


IC NICKS: Wolf- Memories in the Wind - Homid Form: Camelia


Camelia most often wears long skirts of deep greens that fall to the ground, keeping her legs completely covered. A lighter green blouse rests just off of her shoulders and a underbust corset in a lighter shade around her small waist. Her long dark brown hair falls behind her well past her waist. Several bracelets, necklaces, and earrings ornament her body. Her complexion is sun-kissed, leaving a healty sort of glow to her. Her stricking eyes though are often what draw immediate attention to her, holding a deep chocolate brown with spikes of gold radiating from her pupils. She has several scarves around her small waist tied at one side neatly. She stands around 5’ 5, and holds a dancer sort of build to her body. The sound of small bells and the jingling of jewellery can often be heard when she is around, though at times she slips into a silence that the Striders are so well known for

Notable Traits

  • 7 app traits
  • Always wears a gold Pendant amongst her necklaces
  • Pure Breed 4 Silent Strider
  • She speaks with a hint of an accent, but it is very hard to place
  • Though her shoulders, cleavage and sometimes mid-drift show, her legs and feet never are seen.

Common Knowledge

  • Camelia is known to talkin a soft whisper at times to herself
  • She is a talented muscian on the fiddle and violin
  • For a Galliard she is rather intune with the spirits
  • She is known to have "visions", of what and if they are accurate no one really knows
  • She will often tell tales to anyone that asks for one, though it may not be what they originally thought they wanted to hear.


  • She has an uncanny way of knowing when to move out of the way
  • There is a growing trend that when she gives a warning, it comes true
  • It is whispered that she was married at a very young age, and then murdered her husband
  • She is a witch of sorts, and like the old gypsy tales will steal your children in the night


If you really want to know, feel free to ask her about it… she might tell you a story or two.

IC Contact Info

Send her a spirit, call her… maybe yell ?

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