Connor Ryan

Connor Ryan
"Puck's Lisp"
"Finnian's Light"




Fockin' Cliath. Fock.


Notable Traits
An unwavering smile.
Connor stands 5'7", weighing no more than 150lbs, his body is lean and wiry, likely to appear so much as scrawny. His face is kind, and young, he likely appears to be about 16, though really 3 years beyond that. His brilliant green eyes are always alight with an internal enthusiasm, his hair a somewhat shortly kept crop of dark-golden curls.
Fianna Purebreed 1
The Glyph of Charach branded on his left shoulder, mercifully placed there by Shaemus to avoid hurting his heart, the core of the fianna.

Connor has a thin tattoo on the side of his left index finger, another behind his right ear, along the bend there, and two more, one along his collar bone, and one centered in his stomach.



Alpha of Opalescent Scale
Beta: Drea
Members: Mercy, Peony, Kirk, Logan, Jayna, Redwynd

==Information known to the Nation==

Connor was born April 24th, 1990
Birthdate Moon Phase and Other Info

Connor is Charach, openly so, having taken his Beta, Drea, as his mate,
facing the subsequent punishments without so much as batting an eyelash.

Drea Constantin is pregnant with Connor's metis child. Due in November, should all go "well".
Despite the tension surrounding the situation, they both seem happy, almost proud, as if they know something others don't.

The Apartment
Channel: #Connor's_Apt
Located in Lake Placid.
By all accounts, Connor and Drea have made this Apartment their safe-haven until further notice.


Kin / family
Grandfather and Parents living, one younger sibling.
Connor's Grandparents and Parents moved to Canada from Ireland.
Mother: Bridie Ryan, Fianna kinfolk, protected by the fae.
Father: Cael Ryan, Athro Fianna Ahroun, Breaks the First Brow, Herne's Wrath, Autumn's Bane, Dagda's Shillelagh.
His Grandmother was, purportedly, a Sidhe.
Connor's baby sister, Jayna Ryan has, after a lengthy trod in the dreaming, arrived in NY.
Connor recently met upon the bawn his long dissapeared cousin, Aedan O'Meadhra. Who lived with his family for much of their childhood, becoming much like an older sister to Connor. They are close, even after all the time passed.
Soon, Connor's child will join his family, it's reception, despite the nature of it's birth, likely to be warm.

Rites and Challenges
Earned Fostern by merit, completing a mental challenge to prove his worth.

Connor, alongside Drea, suffers the consequences of breaking the litany through the Rite of Ostracism.
Immediately after the rite was completed, Drea and he could be seen fleeing the bawn, headed for the safety of Connor's apartment.

Klaive Retrieval: Delved into a Spiral hive to recover a shattered Klaive.
Treasure Hunt: Connor, locating a mysterious treasure map, was pulled into the umbra alongside several others. They took part in an extensive hunt for treasure in what may very well have been umbral egypt.
Pack Quest: Ask IC, as I forget :P

== Rumors ==

Connnor may very well be slowly losing his enthusiastic spark, his mood seeming less pleasant and more dark with each passing day.

Connor is actually an interloper, sent by the wyrm to build connections with his septmates, to slowly, and carefully break their hearts.

Connor keeps secrets about the members of the sept in the notebook he always carries in his pocket.

Connor draws and writes so often because he has short-term memory loss, and cannot otherwise maintain a life in the nation.

Connor's time spent meditating in private is actually a cover for his communication with dark spirits.

Used to be a beautiful singer, but stopped after a tragic accident stole his singing ability.

Uses Logan for secret assassination/spy missions.

Is a Fae spy.

Came to the sept of the sentinel to flee a dark past.

Was involved in a plot with his cousin to kill Dan, either out of jealousy of his drawing skills, or to make Drea availiable for Connor to move in.

Is deathly afraid of snakes, despite his pack totem of Milk Snake.

Spends far too much time with his newly arrived cousin, hiding away from everyone else. They must be plotting something.

Is a glutton for punishment.

Enjoys stirring the pot.

Connor has terrible nightmares some nights, making noises in his sleep that indicate some terrible traumatic occurance in his dreaming.

Rumor has it, Connor and Drea were married in a secret gypsy ritual.


  • "Tha' fockin' bastard, fockin' shi' ehscuse fer' a fockin' A'ro, fock' fockin' no goo' fockin' co'su'ker." - Connor, in a rant. Good luck figurin' out what the hell he's going on about.

Connor was born in Canada, raised by his direct family,
his irish heritage was part of his upbringing even far removed from the birthplace of his parents.

Connor is known for perpetual optimism, and his outright concern for his fellow garou and kinfolk.
He has a deep interest in his heritage, both garou and fae.
He takes easily to new situations, making friends easily, and quickly becoming attached.

Those who know Connor well know him to be usually even tempered, but extreme in his emotional swings.
He is honest, loyal, dedicated, and prone to selflessness, even when less than appropriate.

But then, he is also too soft for his own good, easily swayed or broken on emotional issues,
and more likely to do what makes others happier than what makes him happy.
He could very well be considered a Martyr waiting to happen.

He is generally seen with his sketchbook, and likewise carries a notebook that he guards carefully.
The contents of which are known only to a select few, usually not those he knows well.

Connor is a Poet, an Artist, a Student, a Drinker, and always seems to know how those around him feel.

Coldplay - Fix You
Poets of the Fall - All the way 4u
Poets of the Fall - King of Fools
Jack Johnson and Ben Harper - High Tide or Low Tide(cover)
Eve 6 - Think Twice
Omnia - Satyr Sex
Live - Dolphin's Cry
Lifehouse - Hanging By A Moment
Chumbawumba - Tubthumping
Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved
Buckcherry - Crazy Bitch

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