Daniel Hall

Name - Daniel C. Hall




Breed - Corax

Notable Traits


==Information known to the Nation==

  • Was dating the Ahroun Drea Constantin
  • Likes shinies
  • Can pull just about anything out of that coat of his
  • Is easily distracted by Drea's Shinies.

Where he comes from is anyone's guess, though Drea admits she's known him for years prior to her arrival at the Sept. He's scrawny, and a chatter box, and it comes to a great surprise to see him and Drea together.

Constantly dressed all in black, he's easily mistaken for one of 'those goth kids'. He always wears a black trench coat and seems to be always pulling things out of it.

  • After being missing for near on two months, he has been confirmed dead.

Kin / family

Rites and Chalenges


== Rumors ==

== Quotes ==
"Falafels make me gassy."
"I'm a Corax! We're verbose and flippant!"



==OOC Information==

Player Warren

Location Over there!

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