Name - Andrea 'Drea' Ross Constantin Ryan?

  • "Breaks the Mind"
  • "Shatters the Void"


  • D
  • Lone Wolf
  • Lady D-Dizzle 3

Tribe - Child of Gaia

Auspice - Ahroun

Rank - Fostern Cliath

Breed - Homid

Notable Traits - Pure Breed 2 Child of Gaia, odd symbols and markings in a sort of tan on her skin, Glyph for Charach branded just above her heart, Short stylishly messy hair.

  • As of 4-13-09 she appears to be about 27 weeks pregnant.

Nasty looking scar running from just off her left shoulder, nearly to her elbow, appearing to be from teeth of some sort, as well as another gash like scar at her right shoulder, from a silver coated weapon.

She stands at a height of 5'7" or so, take an inch when she's without her trademarked boots with the rainbow laces. She prefers long sleeved shirts, with various designs, varying from sayings to images. Well worn jeans which she tucks in her boots, and she's swapped out her favorite camouflaged jacket for simple hooded sweatshirts. She looks to be in her mid to late teens with an actual age of seventeen. Her blonde hair is cropped short in a messy, yet stylish cut, and she has bright green eyes. Nothing about her specifically stands out in a crowd.

Pack -

Personal Locations
Connor's Apartment
Drea's Den

Information known to the Nation

  • Birth Signs and Birthdate
  • Newly promoted to Guardian position on the Sept.
  • Carries a switchblade with her everywhere
  • Has managed to get her hands on a handgun of her own
  • Has been spending a lot of time by herself up the mountain
  • Has a fear of flying
  • Is a sore loser
  • Has a sort of obsession over mint and peanutbutter
  • Has some sort of past that she refuses to discuss
  • Never argues the fact that she's a hippy at heart
  • Favors bright colors
  • Adopted Daughter of the Sept Alpha, Josif Constantin.
  • Knowingly, and Willingly broke the Litany by sleeping with Connor, earning them both the label of Charach
  • as of 2-24-09, Drea is pregnant with Connor's Metis child.
  • Was stripped of her Fostern Rank and all Earned Renown as addtional punishment for breaking the litany.
  • She tends to get mouthy when spoken down to, and is alway eager to learn something new. She's constantly offering her help to those that need it, and even some who don't.
  • She has a bit of a mouth on her, but knows when it's best to just STFU and deal with criticism. However, she tends to snap back when someone tries to pretend to know her. She doesn't take too kindly to blatant stupidity and will often attempt to educate people about the things she actually does know.
  • She's fluent in American Sign Language thanks to the tutelage of Peony per the suggestion of Tzayad, and she knows simple basic French. Enough to follow most conversations, but not necessarily take part. She's skilled in hand to hand combat, as well as various types of armed combat. She knows her way around most firearms and has no qualms about pulling a gun provided she's got one.
  • As a Guardian of the Sept, she comes and goes quite often. Her usual patrols take her a fair ways up the mountain as well as across the 'park' as it were. It's not unusual to go hours without seeing or hearing from her unless something's happened. It's a well known fact that she takes great pride in her position on the Sept, and does what she can to make others feel safe. She constantly tries to relate to the other inhabitants of the Sept, and is always asking questions about things she's probably better off not knowing.
  • She was just recently fished out of one of the streams by Kirk, after more or less being Mauled by something or another. The facts are still falling into place. She's mostly healed, the only lingering remembrances of that night are the scars on her neck and head, and her slight stutter, which worsens when she's upset.
  • She was present for the most recent bout of Sept and Tribal drama on the bawn, Adelaide's 'murder'. A topic forbidden to be spoken about by the sept Alpha, and she's not about to go against those orders. Shortly thereafter, her pack went on their quest, returning two days later, victorious. Along with that victory came her advancement from Cliath to Fostern.
  • Andrea received a package in the mail, containing the severed head of her recent ex-boyfriend, Daniel Hall, after six or so weeks of hearing nothing from, or about the chatty Corax. Her only clue to who committed the crime was a note in the box with the letter D written in ornate calligraphy in blood.
  • Just recently, Drea was open about her relationship with Connor, and actually claimed him as her mate before several members of the sept, one of which, Frann, immediately called scandal. Shaemus 'Eyes of the Horizion' judged them both (Drea and Connor) Guilty. They were both Branded, Beaten, and subjected to the Rite of Ostracism for an indefinite time span. Drea bears her brand on her chest, just over her heart.
  • While ostracized, Her and Connor have taken up Residence at a Cottage owned by Josif on Strawberry Lake. While there, she was attacked by a Red Cap, a fae creature known for it's ability to cut through anything with it's vicious teeth. She single handedly defeated it, snapping it's neck, and removing it's head.
  • As of March 15, the day marking the end of Her and Connor's Ostracization, it's quite noticable that in the nearly three weeks since she's found out that she was pregnant, she is now visably showing such. What was that about nine months?
  • Starting on March 21st, Drea has staked her claim on one of many caves littering the mountainside.
  • On April 6th 2009, Opalescent Scale has crumbled. Milk snake has left the sept, and those dedicated to her.
  • During the Moot in early April, Drea outed two of her former pack, Jayna and Logan, for being Charachs. Why she did this is anyone's guess. They were subjected to the rite, Gaia's Vengeful Teeth.

Information NOT Known to the Nation

  • Unless shared, the following information is known to no one.

Drea hails from Nevada, somewhere near the Sept of the Burning Sands. Drea was a run-away. She ran from home because of reasons she shares with very few people. Her father had Rage issues, and would often take it out on her.

Little did she know, it was due to a very latent change soon to come. Shortly after she ran away from home, her father, though well beyond the normal age for a first shift, had his. He joined the Sept of the Burning Sands in Nevada, and once he had completed his cub training, for he was oddly enough, the only at the Sept at the time, so he got lots of one on one training, he had planned on locating his daughter to bring her home.

Her parents never got that chance, for there was much to do at the Sept, and the elders there could not, and would not spare the 'man power' to hunt her down. They assured him she was safe, and when a time of peace should befall the Sept, they would send someone after her.

Ten months ago, her father was tasked with retrieving artifacts of note from a dying Spiral Hive in South America. Her mother went along, and due mostly to her help, they were able to retrieve the requested artifacts, and even a few that were not known to be there. However, Spirals followed them back, taking down the plane just over New Mexico. The accident was well covered up, and attributed to pilot error, however the Sept managed to avenge the deaths of the Ross' and once again get their hands on the artifacts.

Drea knows bits and pieces of the truth, thanks in part to Redwynd, who recently showed up at the Sept.

Her Journal

Items of Note

DragonWhistle.jpg An odd little pendant that Drea wears on a Platinum rope cut chain around her neck. Usually kept tucked under her shirt. She rarely removes it, and doesn't let anyone have a close look at it.
image-1.jpg "Cold Steel's Arc-Angel Butterfly knives are precision made right here in the USA and display the finest craftsmanship. The blades are flat ground out of their famous Carbon V steel and honed to a razor edge for real cutting power. 96BSCW" Drea's trusty knife. She's always had it with her since she showed up at the Sept. She has no qualms about flaunting it, or using it for the silliest of things. She's known to have a decent knowledge of fighting with it as well. She keeps it in her left boot, no matter where she is.
px4-sub-compact-with-laser_300-1.jpg A gift from Hanable Delgato. It was given to her as a means to defend herself against the Get, Hammer. She's only ever fired it twice, and keeps it holstered and hidden somewhere for emergencies.

Mother: Valencia Espino Ross, Child of Gaia Kin (Deceased)
Father: Ethan Ross, Heart of Fire, Fostern Ahroun of the Children of Gaia (Deceased)
Adopted Father: Josif Constantin
Cousin: Kurt (Deceased)
Mate Husband: Connor

Rites and Challenges

  • Fostern Rank Challenge; It was, in-fact, her pack quest. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
  • Charach; Was found guilty of breaking the first law of the Litany, and thusly subjected to the Rite of Ostracism. Galliards sang of the end of the Rite, as deemed by Milk Snake, who was later found to be tainted by the Red Umbral Sands, her word revoked, the Rite resumed.


  • The Mountain raid; Went along without question, as it was a 'learning experiance'
  • Warehouse Raid; Played Mundane warder with the kinfolk Violet
  • Airplane Exercise; Unknowningly took part in a Team Work exercise set up by the Sept Alpha
  • Train Station Fire; Was present to see Ff'Ehyrr rise from the depths of the earth
  • Train Station revisted; As Cliath, managed to dodge a direct attack from Ff'Eyhrr
  • Hive of the Trinity; Went with fellows, Connor, Nadezda, Andy, and Jontu to retrive a long lost Klaive.
  • Weaver Retrival; She was around when the Weaver was restored to Lake Placid
  • Pack Quest; She has returned successful and now a member of a full fledged pack.
  • Special Delivery; She got a head in the mail… and now she wants to know "Who done it?"
  • Mountain Raid, Revisited; Though she was not present for the raid, she had intended to go. She healed Anatole a few days later.



  • She's crazy. She see's crazy shit, and shares with the Sept. Down right bonkers.
  • For a young Coggie Ahroun, she must be in tight with those Shadow Lords…
  • She's going soft, which is a scary thought in and of itself.
  • Takes her job as a Beta very seriously. Fuck with a pack mate and she'll fuck you up.
  • Flat out dislikes the Get of Fenris as a whole, ignoring those of the Fenrir with rank.
  • She might have been secretly married to Connor in some bizarre gypsy ritual.


  • Disk One "The Early Days"

The Dresden Dolls - Sorry Bunch
Flyleaf - Broken Wings
Five Finger Death Punch - Never Enough
Linkin Park - Somewhere I belong
Papa Roach - Not Listening
Imogen Heap - Come Here Boy
Tokio Hotel - Rette Mich
Evanescence - My Immortal

  • Disk Two "Starting Over"

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending
Kelly Clarkson - Sober
Kelly Clarkson - Miss Independant
Paramore - Decode
Paramore - Emergency
Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park - We made it
Linkin Park - Leave out all the rest
Fall Out Boy - The Take Over, The Break's Over
Lifehouse - First Time
Fall Out Boy - The Carpal Tunnel of Love
Avril Lavigne - Hot
Meredith Brooks - Bitch

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