FM Quotes

Here are some memorable Quotes made from either players or thier characters. Players are free to add.. others. enjoy!!

The Peanut Gallery:)

P.S. Beware of Moose……

<Valgard> Spirials would not dare attack this place!
<Venatta> eh…..Never under estimate the power or egos of your oponants.

<Josif_Konstantin> ah, forgive me, where are my manners
<Venatta> Don't know… ya check ya back pocket?

[V]Nadezda> I still here?
<[T]Tzayad> nope
<[T]Tzayad> you're gone
<[V]Nadezda> damn…
<[T]LargeBlackBear> i'm not here either

  • Brian-M{Fiana5} pick the rock up and pulls out [V]Nadezda

<Brian-M{Fiana5}> found Nadezda

  • [V]Nadezda chuckles

<[T]LargeBlackBear> bad brian.. you don't know where that shadow lord has been put her back!

  • Brian-M{Fiana5} looks at the shadowlord

<Brian-M{Fiana5}> your right

  • Brian-M{Fiana5} shoves the shadowlord back under a diffrent rock
  • [V]Nadezda smiles and snuggles under her happy rock

<Jontu_Stormrunner> Ahhh young interspecies love…can you feel it in the air?
<Drea[CoG2]> Not breakin' the litany, so come feel all you want.
<Daniel_C_Hall> No! NO feeling!!
<Daniel_C_Hall> That is a Dan-only priviledge

  • Frederick_Banting[CoGx2] reaches into his pocket and pulls out his wallet, then pulls out some bills.

<Frederick_Banting[CoGx2]> <Sign> This is money. It can be used to buy goods and services.

  • Frederick_Banting[CoGx2] grins.

<Frederick_Banting[CoGx2]> <Sign> Everything not at a Sept can be bought, with enough money. Sometimes even Septs.

*Xander_Kattalakis turns to Sadie and opens his other hand with a blue jelly bean in it. "This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes."
*Sadie_Gorski can't help herself and laughs nervously, "Okay Morpheous…" She reaches out clearly for the red candy, "I've followed a Lune Spirit through an Umbral Storm, I've met a Dragon who spun riddles, and I've seen a sphinx. All In my first day here… so I think I'll brave the Rabbit hole."

  • Angeline keeps giggling

Josif looks to Intervening Act and nods, "Yeah, I think once they [Fenrir] hit Adren, they grow a brain…"

*During an ooc chat with the ST
Keegan(Connor/Roland) said "Sometimes, you scare me. But I'm starting to figure out that is the point. If you scare the shit out of the players, the characters will react appropriately"
Matt responded, good naturedly with "i scare you because this is the world of DARKNESS….not the world of fuzzy goodness and cute bunnies"
To which, Keegan's only retort was "Well, there was that one bunny."
and Matt, without skipping a beat said "It was ugly"

<Korrine> Exusse me.. I have a mate to neuter

  • Korrine turns sharply
  • Frann blinks

<Frann> oh hell, I forgot she was his mate

*Via the OOC CHat
<mattjax>: damn…we both are incapacitated
<mattjax>: i drool on you!!
<mattjax>: :P
<[31]kor-C>: I have a seizure in your general direction!
<mattjax>: LOL
<[31]kor-C>: HA!

matt: oh, you guys aint seen screwed…not even close
matt: you will know screwed…soon enough
keegan: well, connor knows screwed… none of you have to deal with drea

Connor{Fia1} eyes Castle, gritting his teeth. "You need garou sensitivity training." he begins walking past
Castle snorts
Castle for what, exactly? Sensitive garou?
Connor{Fia1} glares at him "Was your rite of passage a lobotomy?"

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