Jayna Ryan

Name Jayna Morghan Ryan


Deed Names Myst Dancer

Tribe Fianna

Auspice Galliard


Breed Homd

Notable Traits Maybe 5ft tall and 110 lbs soaking wet. Long bright strawberry blonde hair, striking aqua green eyes, ears a shade tiped when you can see them. She's cheerfull and optmistic though has a tendancey to be easily confused at times.

Pack Opalescent Scale

Information known to the Nation


Kin / family
*Grandfather in Canada, Grandparents and Parents moved to Canada from Ireland.
*Grandmother was, purportedly, a Sidhe
*Mother: Bridie Ryan, Fianna kinfolk, protected by the fae.
*Father: Cael Ryan, Athro Fianna Ahroun, Breaks the First Brow, Herne's Wrath, Autumn's Bane, Dagda's Shillelagh.
*Older brother Connor Ryan who she seems to almost worship like a hero.
*Cousin Aedan O'Meadhra who lived with her and her family during their childhood.
*Keira McGonagall - Cousin


Rites and Chalenges


**Rumors **

  • She speaks more languages then her young age should allow.
  • She's been seen playing the violin, the bodhran, flute, and traditional irish whistle.
  • Follows Logan about like a lost puppy
  • Several of her family are litany breakers


  • "I Yost!"
  • "It's aight, Oi marked 'is boot on the way in"
  • "seriously…. how am I suposed the piss poor manwhore out ranks me when he never introduces himself?"
  • "I've seen Ass-Pooka that were less stubborn then her!"
  • " Love is an all encompasing flame, it is also a deep endless well."


Loreena McKinnitt - Stolen Child

Loreena Mckinnitt - Bonny Swans

The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony

Omnia - Fídhe Ra Hurí

Delerium - Fallen

Medaeval Baebes - Umladi

Frou Frou - I Need A Hero

Neuroticfish - They're Comming To Take Me

Emerald Rose - Freya Shakti

Enigma - TnT for the Brain

Len - Steal My Sunshine

Medeaval Baebes - Kilmeny

Omnia - Tine Bealtine

Within Temptation - Mother Earth

Evanescence - Whisper

Evanescence - Call Me When Your Sober

OOC Information

Player Maria McKinnon

Location VA

Contact info moc.liamG|aillaiR#moc.liamG|aillaiR

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