Josif Constantin
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Josif "Ashen-Tongue, Shadows-the-Lore-Surpasses-the-Teacher, Luna's Void, Hacks-the-Dark-Realms, Venomous-Shadows" Constantin





Alpha of the Sept of the Sentinel

Notable Traits
Josif appears as a suave, dapper, amazingly dressed olive-skinned male [PBx5 Shadow Lord] of about 6'5 and 200 lbs and well-built. He has a soul patch, with salt and pepper hair in a tight single ponytail and is usually seen walking with a cane carved with images of wolves on it.

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family
1. Drea [Daughter]
2. Violet [Mate]

Some of the Rites believed known
* Bone Rhythms
* Baptism of Fire
* Breath of Gaia
* Greet the Moon
* Greet the Sun
* Prayer for the Prey
* Gathering for the Departed
* Rite of Ostracism
* Gaia's Vengeful Teeth
* Rite of the Totem
* Voice of the Jackal
* Rite of Binding
* Rite of the Questing Stone
* Rite of the Wyld Chain
* Moot Rite
* Rite of the Opened Caern
* The Badger’s Burrow
* Rite of the Shrouded Glen

== Rumors ==

1. Had a kinfolk daughter that died in Montreal a few months ago, whose death was attributed to terminal cancer.
2. Is believed to have been secretly culling Garou; hence all the disappearing Garou and Kinfolk's disappearances.
3. Is romantically linked with his Beta. (Proven False)
4. Is believed to have a Metis son, who would be turning roughly age 20.
5. Is believed to believe in "The Phoenix Prophecy."
6. Is believed to be trying to find a way to aid in the return of a long-thought dead Fera; the Camazotz.
7. His former Pack, "The Shining Path", of which he was Pack Beta, once assisted a pack of Gangrel.
8. Is believed to have first-hand knowledge of the Nagah, but refuses to speak on the matter.
9. Bears the Brand of the "Charach" Glyph over his heart.
10. Knows of something called "The Prophecy of the Sentinel", but has yet revealed little about it.
== Quotes ==

"If you learn nothing else from me, learn this; Obey the rules or I will remove you from the situation."


  1. - Nightwish - The Islander
  2. - Eminem feat Cashis 50 Cent & Lloyd Banks - You Don't Know
  3. - Loreena McKennitt - Night Ride Across the Caucasus
  4. - Loreena McKennitt - Kecharitomene

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