Name Korrine Theryon, Ignites the Darkness, Hekate's Honored, Endures the Spider's Bane, Warleader to Sept of the Sentinal

Tribe Black Fury

Auspice Ahroun

Rank Adren

Breed Homid

Notable Traits She is 6'3" with black hair cut short, amber brown eyes, and olive skin, she wears a black tank top, black jeans, and combat boots with a leather duster over a leg holster holds a large hand gun.

Pack someday

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family Brian McPhearson her Fianna Kin Mate

Rites and Chalenges
*retrive Aranchae's Loom


  • Took out group of Leeches, Spirals, and ghouls sliping into thier camp at night and blowing up thier trucks
  • seek out a Fenrir kin turned Spiral in Waking Sun Sept.
  • Rescue kin held by leeches in a raid at Cold Mountian Sept
  • Exicuted wyrmspawn child
  • Deffended Cold mountain in a Bane siege fueled by a corrution of a corrutiopn of a wyld fountain.
  • faught a oil fomori in Cold Mountain Sept
  • Deffended Cold mountain in a Wyrm instigate riots un the city
  • Assisted in the Mountain Spiral Dive at Sept of the Sentinal
  • Deffended aggenst Wyrm Storm and the falling of the Weaver.
  • Deffended Sept of the Sential against hunters, assisted bringing Josif back when a hunting party's truck exploded.
  • Journeyed to Hade's with Medusa's blessing and conquered Aranchae for her loom.
  • Participated in a massive Spiral Hive Raid sucessfully bringing back a War Trophy of a fallen garou's head.

== Rumors ==
*Hates many Shadow Lords with a passion
*Is a cold calculatiing bitch of a woman who will castrate any male that crosses her path the wrong way
*Has openly threatend to behead anyone who would touch her Mate

== Quotes ==

*<Korrine> clog his plumbing…..<Brian> thats easier to do. clog the plumbing ….<Violet> is there any way to make it permanent? … <Korrine> removal of the plumbing

*<Korrine> Exusse me.. I have a mate to neuter…* Frann blinks " oh hell, I forgot she was his mate!"

  • Korrine glances at Aries…"I thought that was your obnoxious voice out on the bawn"


Rome - Forever

Bond - Alexander The Great

Vangelis - Roxannes Veil

Vangelis - Drums of Gaugamela

Enigma - TNT For The Brain

Powerman 5000 - Bombshell

Powerman 5000 - When World's Collide

Vanessa Mae - Laughing Buddha

Vanessa Mae - Art Of War

==OOC Information==

Player Maria Mckinnon

Location Portsmouth Va


Contact info moc.liamg|aillaiR#moc.liamg|aillaiR

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