Name Peony

Tribe Uktena

Auspice Theurge

Rank Adren

Breed Metis

Notable Traits
Peony is a tall, willow-slim woman, with a thick braid of black hair and dark eyes which almost look through things rather than at them. She wears grass-stained jeans and a simple smock with large pockets sewn into the front. Around her neck hangs a pendant of small carved wooden beads in a circle, spelling the name Peony, and bearing glyphs for Uktena, Metis, Theurge and Adren.
Peony speaks very unclearly, if she is under pressure she even becomes incoherent. This difficulty does not seem to affect her when interacting with spirits.

The former Opalescent Scale Pack. She still spends much time with Connor and Drea.
She teaches Redwynd and formerly taught Logan.

==Information known to the Nation==
Peony avoids long periods in open sunlight or other bright places.
Peony performs certain rites daily.
Peony is a herbalist, gardener and carpenter.

Kin / family
None at this sept.
Peony does not know who her father was. Her mother was also Uktena, and is alive but in the grip of Harano.

Rites and Chalenges


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