NameReaches the Other Side


Aliases: // Ros //

Creature Type: // Corax //

Political Affiliation: Gaian

IC NICKS: // Ros, Raven-Friend, Birdy //

Reaches the Other Side is usually Seen in her Corvid, or Bird form. She's a large Raven with inky black feathers that hold a blueish sheen in the right lighting conditions. She has beady black eyes, always watching.

Her homid form is another story. Sticking with Corax 'tradition', Ros appears to be a young woman in her early to mid twenties with raven black hair, and dark colored eyes. Her hair is messily, yet some how stylishly cut, giving her a rather unkempt appearance. She dresses all in black, and while Homid, most others assume she is of the 'Gothic' persusaion. She stands at a meager five foot three inches, add a few for her thick soled boots, black and quite possibly leather. Each boot has five extremely large buckles, polished to an obnoxious shine. Her legs are covered by knee high leggings with a lacy top, coming a few inches short of meeting her skirt. The skirt she wears seems to be cut right in half, the back half, trailing down a few inches short of brushing the ground, the front, hangs in tatters to just short of her knees. Oddly enough, the tatters greatly resemble feathers. There are a few odds and ends tied to loose threads in the front, feathers, pop tabs, bottle caps, just about anything that can shine in the light, including a few buttons.

Her top consists of a shiney pleather corset that laces up the sides and the front, and an under shirt made of a sheer material with a feather like pattern sewn into it. The shirt flairs a little at the wrist, but otherwise clings tightly to her form.


Notable Traits

  • She is very curious, quite possibly too curious
  • Even in Homid, she acts like a bird
  • Seems to have gone mute over night

Common Knowledge

  • She can mimic the voices of others, has demonstrated this by mimicing Josif himself
  • She likes to ask for shiney things, and enjoys the company of others who can relate
  • Something has happened and she's lost her voice. She's no longer able to utter a sound


  • Had her voice stolen from spiteful spirits
  • It completely illiterate
  • Finds Homids disgusting


No one knows. Someone should just ask…

IC Contact Info

Leave out a trail of shiney things, or even something sugary. Yelling her name might work…

Player: Squee

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