Silver Record

An account of the events of the Autumn Assault of 2008…

And so it went that, in the very early dawn, as Helios rose upwards and Luna faded from her view in the Heavens, the land of the Northern
New York Protectorate around the Sept of the Sentinel stirred to much activity.

The Wyrm unleashed its pent-up fury and directed it upon Mother Gaia. The ground did shake with the Wyrm's wrath as another earthquake
rocked the region, hitting a more noticeable 3.6 on the Richter Scale- far more noticeable then the previous aftershocks a few days prior,
thus unleashing more noticeable umbral quakes throughout the area.

The Algonquin Peak stirred as minions of the Wyrm began to answer its summons to wrench free that which it had failed to claim centuries
earlier. As it was then, so now did Defenders of Gaia stand up- united- and took the war to the Wyrm and its minions of corruption and decay.

High up in the shadows of a mountainside cleft, a lone feline figure waited for Helios to reveal a secret place, thus allowing it access to
a passageway long-since forgotten, even by the local Theurges of both the Uktena and the Wendigo. The figure, as observed by spirits of
Chimera, Incarnae of Mysteries, did make its way down passageways now occupied by banes. The spirits observed the feline warrior of Seline draw strength enough to cleave a way through them as it looked for the resting chamber that was the ancient caern. Stealing and cleaving a path towards it was not easy, and several times did the figure halt their progress to fend out countless attacks from the corrupt bane spirits.

Through perseverance and faith, the feline shifter finally managed to locate their destination. Pleased with what the feline
shifter did, Chimera assisted in the feline's non-detection as it found its way to where humans were currently being held as both
hostage, food, sexual degradation, creating progeny, and some simply for the sheer pleasure of hearing them scream. Cleaving banes and
Black Spiral Dancers alike, the feline shifter managed to rescue only two of the hostages; the others were nowhere to be found. Taking each
of them- a boy and a girl- under its arm, it stepped into the shadows and vanished out of the mountain to safety.

Athro Shadowlord Josif "Venomous Shadows" Konstantin ensured that those under his care managed to get to the war zone, so that they
could participate in the Wyrm's defeat. He ensured this by transporting them all in his Cessna AK-70 Sea Plane, where after
reaching a little over 10,000 feet, they all parachuted over Algonquin Peak and came in quietly, without any eyes of the enemy watching.
After landing, Josif ordered them to split off into groups and proceed against the forces of the Wyrm. With Josif was Drea, a Get of Fenrir
Kin named Brynja, Nadezda, Fostern of the Shadow Lords, and Jontu Stormrunner of the Bastet.

As the feline shifter pierced this hazardous, Wyrm-infested place, another did so as well, this one definitely of the Garou. Valgard,
Adren of the Get of Fenris used his guile and an heirloom fetish that allowed him safe passage by some of the foulest of Wyrm minions, where he stormed the chamber where a Black Spiral Dancer Alpha had been, as the Get of Fenris has been informed from a spirit that spoke to him the night before. The battle was bloody and costly, as Get of Fenris Ahroun went to vicious blows with a Black Spiral Dancer Ahroun. The Ahroun Black Spiral drew back its hand and smashed into Valgard's chest, sending him crashing through parts of the wall behind him.
Stepping up out of the rubble, Valgard had just enough time to steel himself for another attack, but this time Valgard was prepared. As the
Ahroun Black Spiral came at him, Valgard of the Get of Fenris arced his hand out and carved the Ahroun Black Spiral with his blade, and
watched as the Ahroun Black Spiral's life ended and slipped into its own oblivion. Letting a Howl of Victory leave his throat, Valgard
reached down and ripped off an ancient fetish, but not before claiming the head of the fallen Spiral Dancer as his trophy.

Perhaps one of the newest arrival to the Sept of the Sentinel held himself quite well. Tzayad of the Silent Striders ensured that one of
the other newest arrival, a Child of Gaia cub named Drea, remained alive, as well as Naderzda, Fostern of the Shadow Lords, after they
had parachuted from the plane. They coralled many benevolent spirits to assist them against the banes. Tzayad even managed to spiritually
force some of the banes to attack the Black Spirals. This act alone made ancient Caern spirits take notice of him, and revealed such to

Prior to the arrival of the plane, a pair of Sept garou were here, stalking their targets. Claws Rending the Weak, a Lupus Shadow Lord
was accompanied by Freyja, Kinfolk of the Get of Fenris, and were tasked to thwart the advancements of the more baneful of the Wyrm's
minions. It was here that Claws Rending the Weak did encounter the Ahroun Black Spiral named Call to Madness. The two did battle upon the side of the mountain, and their savage clashes could be heard in the valleys below. As both Claws Rending and Calls to Madness fought, the Black Spiral unleashed balefire in a direct-impact upon him, coating him in fire and tainting him severely. Weakened, a lone Gurahl stepped up and healed the Lupus Shadowlord. As he rose, he and Freyja pressed ever-onward.

In fact, Venatta did, infact hear it as she made her way up to assist in the battle, however Venatta was side-lined by the Albino Metis
Ragabash Black Spiral , Skin of the Wyrm. Thinking it could take Venatta, Venatta stood poised and raised her wicked talons and flayed
the Black Spiral Dancer known as Skin of the Wyrm, in half! Venatta charged onward, shruging off the wicked-clawed attacks of the numerous tainted earthen elemental forces around. Incensed with anger, Venatta raised her arms and bore her teeth and shredded everything that stood in her path. By the time she was down, her coat looked red.

In the end of the struggle, the Garou from the Sept of the Sentinel managed a great victory, which they share with the Gurahl, and both
the Wendigo, Uktena, and some of the Red Talons.

However, catastrophe has befallen….every member of the "Endless Embrace of Winter" pack fell in battle, even Athro Ahroun Freya
"Coldfire" Wolfhart of the Get of Fenris, as well as Warder Gunnar ~Open Eye Brings Death~ Eberstark of the Get of Fenris. The last of
the pack to finally succumb to death's kiss was the Keeper of the Land Tara "Pulse of the Land" Corrigan of the Fianna, and brother to Sidhe
Knight, Riordjhan Fiona, who amazingly appeared from a Trod to give respect.

The events of this day will be felt for weeks, if not years, to come. The Sept's power is about to shift- who will possess it this time?

Overall, the spirits of the region rejoiced with them in the umbra. They know that while many banes and Black Spiral Dancers escaped,
those present now at the Caern are capable to dealing with them.

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