Totems of the Sept of the Last Stand

red-fox-art-slack.jpg Fox


Background Cost: 5

Fox confounds prey and enemy alike, luring the weak into danger and the strong into confusion. He loves to trick opponents into trusting him, then snaring them in traps, particularly if the experience can teach the foe a lesson.

Traits: Few Garou trust Fox or his children, and each pack member gains the negative Honour trait: Untrustworthy. However, in return Fox's children are granted the abilities Subterfuge x2, Stealth x2 and Streetwise, as well as the social trait Persuasive.

Ban: Fox requires only that his children not participate in fox hunts and help foxes being hunted.

Totems of the Sept of the Sentinel

Winged_Lion.jpg Tijus-Kehan504411685_1559046_2335.jpg Milk Snake

Milk Snake/ Ha'hawiqa Fallen to the Wyrm; is now thought to be a Wyrm Totem of Madness

Background Cost: 7
An aspect of the Rainbow Serpent, this was a very important totem incarna unto the Croatan. Since the tribe's extinction, Milk Snake has only recently contacted any other Garou. Milk Snake appears as a vast, impossibly long snake; its scales are every colour of the rainbow. No one has ever been tall or high enought to see its head and tail at the same time. After a rain, Milk Snake can be seen arcing from one pool of water to another in the Umbra.

Milk Snake gives each of her Children one permanent Honour and two permanent Gnosis. Any pack chosen by her will be greatly respected by Pure Tribe Garou. Milk Snake's Children will never be attacked by any spirit that possesses scales, although such spirits can and will defend themselves if they are attacked. As well, each receives 2 free Enigma traits, the mental traits: Observant, Intuitive, and are able to speak with anything that possesses scales.

Children of Milk Snake must never ignore visions and must always aid injured creature that have scales, for this totem is a spirit of visions.

Personal and Pack Totems and Ancestral Spirits

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