Name: Violet Jameson

Tribe: Uktena

Auspice: N/A

Rank: N/A

Breed: Homid

Notable Traits: Violet is a native american woman in her mid 20's with waist length hair. She is trim and well kept. She speaks with a calm naturally soothing voice. She always has a staff with her, but doesn't seem to need it to walk. Uktena PB x1.

Pack: N/A

==Information known to the Nation==

Kin / family:
Josif "Ashen-Tongue, Shadows-the-Lore-Surpasses-the-Teacher, Luna's Void, Hacks-the-Dark-Realms, Venomous-Shadows" Constantin (mate)

Rites and Chalenges: N/A

Quests: N/A

== Rumors ==

  • that she controlls magics
  • got kicked out of her last sept because of her controll of dark magics
  • is the real "Storm" from X-Men
  • Is wanted in Canada for some unspecified crime
  • is a quiet voice in the ear of too many power players and is the real "power behind the throne"
  • likes threesomes

== Quotes ==
"Are you OK? If you need to talk, come find me"


==OOC Information==

Player: Sarah, aka Lost

Location: Ontario Canada

Contact info: moc.liamg|vaklamesorniuq#moc.liamg|vaklamesorniuq


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